Monday, April 24, 2017

City council election, Rose Festival nonsense, and Joorie Doodie's mad at the Telecrap again

I promised I wouldn't curse on line anymore.  But I can't do this one without cursing, so we'll have to compromise:  I'll put in blanks where the curse words should go, and you fill them in with the expletives of your choosing.

There's an article about the _______ Rose Festival in today's paper.

Last year the Tylerpaper did pretty good on this.  Yes, they had the obligatory article in January when they announced who the Kween was going to be.  Then they did a couple of pieces right before and during the Festival itself.  But none of that year-round reporting on it like they used to do.

But look at this ____ that was front-and-center today on their web edition:

It is _______ April.  The _______ Rose Festival is not until October.  Nobody cares, Tylerpaper people.  Nobody cares.  Just stop it, dammit before I lose my mind.

Okay but maybe it is just a slow news day or something.  I wouldn't have even mentioned it, but I was already mad about this:

The Telegraph endorses Bob Westbrook for Tyler City Council District 6

Now, before I get too far into this let me make it clear that I don't really support this Alan Lizarraga guy.  My previous post on this topic was more of a lament that, election after election, it is just more of the same when it comes to Tyler city government.  And this Westbrook guy looks to be just more of the same-ol' same-ol'.  And, as could be predicted, the Telegraph is endorsing him.  I'm not really mad about that.  Their tired-old argument they've used so many times before is that, well, Westbrook has been on all the right committees and boards and is therefore an insider.  So he knows how things work around here and is therefore more qualified than his opponent.  Their reasoning is flawed, but at least coherent.  It's the same kind of argument they used when they endorsed Joel Baker in 2014:  Baker was the incumbent, therefore had more experience in the office he already held, and was therefore more qualified than his opponent, who was not the incumbent. 

As an aside, it's funny to me that Westbrook has argued that running a bunch of Cici's Pizza franchises has made him a good city council candidate because he is used to operating on a "shoestring budget."  Indeed.  And I might add that he is accustomed to operations that are low on innovation and provide a cheap, low-quality product.  He should fit right in in local government!
Fine if they want to endorse Westbrook.  But what really got me mad was their patronizing comment about Lizarraga:

We commend his opponent, Alan Lizarraga, for his willingness to serve Tyler, and we would urge him to follow through by offering to serve on any of the many boards and commissions that are always in need of eager volunteers.

What the ____ kind of _______ _______ condescending kind of ____ is that?!  LIzarraga may be a little naïve and is obviously a liberal.  But he is not a child.  He is not some high school senior who ran for office as a joke or to get extra credit in his civics class.  He is a legitimate candidate.

Ironic that they speak of this guy like he's just not smart enough to figure out how to serve as a city council member. I don't know who "we" in the editorial refers to.  Is it some "brain trust" consisting of several editors and senior reporters, or is it King Nelson IV using the 'royal we'?  Either way, I can tell you this:  The fact that Lizarraga is a college graduate with a science degree is prima facie evidence that he is probably smarter than everybody at the Telegraph (except for maybe their IT people) with their bottom-rung degrees in journalism.  Hell, in the "hierarchy of college degrees," in which stuff like natural sciences and engineering is a the top, journalism is somewhere in the sub-basement, ranked close to garbage like "women's studies" and crap like that.

What they are saying is something like this:  Aw, sweetie, you're to little to play baseball with your big brother and his friends.  You'll get hurt.  But you can sit in the dugout and be the 'bat boy'...Adam, honey, you can't be on the City Council--that's for big kids who have been on the Chamber of Commerce and stuff.  Besides, you don't have a very white-sounding name.  But if you want, you can 'volunteer' to be on some bogus board that nobody cares about or some committee that no one listens to.  Or, hey, you can go out to one of the city parks where the poor kids play and pick up trash, because you know we can't afford to pay people to do that any more.  Or even better--you and a bunch of your liberal friends can get together one Saturday in October and go pull weeds and clean up a the Rose Garden to make it pretty for the Rose Festival.


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